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20th July 2006

12:21pm: Revolve in the springtime of youth!... °.°;
Ok I've just come to possibly the silliest revelation anyone is going to make all year.
it started off with me asking my grrlfriend 'hey the sun rises in the east right?' I was just a little confused seeing as i'd just woken up so my brain wasn't functioning properly yet.
'Yep, and it sets in the west' Given a few moments a bell rings in my head. This is the silly bell.
'Hang on, so if Japan is the land of the rising sun and therefore in the east, and considering we are almost in a straight line down below their landmass, does that mean that I'm technically not a westerner, therefore that I'm Asian ad therefore i can play dance-dance revolution well?'
'Uhhh.... right'
I tested my theory.
Apparently even if you're from the eastern side of the world you can still suck.
I was doing pretty well at the games that involved me shooting and hitting things though.
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17th July 2006

7:17pm: this thing is really fucking long.
This should keep you kis out of trouble for the next few hours, now no talking or I'm turning this car around!

(Click here to post your own answers for this meme.)

I miss somebody right now. I don't watch much TV these days. I own lots of books.
× I wear glasses or contact lenses. I love to play video games. I've tried marijuana.
I've watched porn movies. × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
I curse sometimes. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year. I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
it goes on...Collapse )
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10th May 2006

6:08pm: I Amend feeling better...
I feel worse now.
We got an $80 phone bill, and I acted like an arsehole about it.
Not to mean that I care now. Kim seems to be allowed to get upset or pissed off or angry, Wheras I may not.
Kim may Be right at the drop of a hat - Luke may not be right at all without verification in triplicate, and then even if he IS right, he isn't really.
That irritates me.
I've been trying to tell her I'm an Arsehole for months now, but she wouldn't believe me until this.
She got upset about the phonebill and decided to lock off STD and mobile calls from our phone.
That means I can't ring anyone at all that I know without going to aa payphone, bar my mother, and the way things are looking I wont even have the cash to make a phonecall.
I really wish someone would run me over or just stab me in the kidney for my wallet or something.
I mean I deserve to die painfully, and I hope I do soon, but I don't think I could do it to myself.
Maybe I can get someone to set me up on the train tracks and tie me down.
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9th February 2006

3:12pm: Oh Bugger.
I think I forgot to mention it....
But basically I was Angry every morning when I woke up and Angyr every Evening when I'd get back from my boilermaking apprenticeship job, a combination of being treated like a child and being treated like an arsehole....
Eventually Kim said 'look, why don't you put your two weeks notice in if the jopb is making you so unhappy' So.... I did... anyway i did that on a wednesday, then on wednesday the 25th of Jan I was working and we had a delivery driver come in and harass me... this guy wanted to get his cargo unloaded and fuck off.... he was a real fuckwit, and as I was the only person availible and I'd been told I was to practice on the forklift and if I was the only one availible to do whatever was needed I jumped in the drivers seat... long story short I managed to bend the grill that sits on top of the fork, big rectangular thing with bars in to stop things falling on the forlift driver, well I bent it practically over the forks that was halfway through my two weeks... well anyway I don't think I'll ever drive a forklift again, especially considering that was $30,000 worth and only 3 months old, and despite the boss being an Arsehole I didn't mean to do it, and feel bad about it still, but anyway that was.... probably uneeded to be said the last day I worked in that factory, about 30 mins after that happened my training group sent my 'parole' officer, as i like to call him, down to get my signature on the termination of employment papers..... for those who don't know, they basically show that I said 'I Quit' not they said 'You're fired'.
Most interesting day I ever had at work.... Bar those times I caught fire.

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15th February 2005

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
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It takes a couple of drinks
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A fool for love, but not always
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Fucking Sick68.1%
Dipped into depravity
You are 45.78% pure
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4:59pm: I feel so antisocial I might not post again for a while :P
Which Naruto Character are You?
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Which Naruto Character are You?
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Just in case you can't tell I've been watching a lot of an anime called Naruto lately. Slightly addictive... more than anything else though it makes me want to be a ninja :D.
I haven't been doing much lately, looking for a new job, after i left my last one... my boss was what could only be described as 'wanker'; though I suppose you really shouldn't think of family members that way...
In other news I've done SFA really, just travelled between home and sydney to see Kim occasionally, and valentines day was good :).

Well, thats about it.
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25th May 2004

9:29pm: eskimoluke

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9:23pm: When did I last post..... last year?
Well, well, well....
three holes in the ground.
I haven't posted for a long time.. not so much because I'm too busy, but because i'm too lazy and I'm ...... well not home half the time.
I'm trying to quit smoking cigarettes, with some measure of success, however I did chuck a big wobbly/deppress/thing and I've cracked the lcd screen because of it.... i'm feeling ultra guilty about that.
In other news I might join the air force because.... well i'm too shit to get a different job, and the defence force is always recruiting, so its money, super, accom, three sq meals, and all the clothes i need.... To be honest i don't really want to do it, however I have little choice as there aren't many other jobs around here I could go for, and otherwise all I'll be is a bum...

Life is depressing.
Current Mood: depressed

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6th January 2004

12:35am: Mmm.
Had an interesting night.
Found out that Christmas beetles aren't worth caring about because no matter how hard you try to gently keep them away you always manage to kill them.
annoyed with my keyboard.
A little sad feeling with no end in sight, and no beginning to check.
That is all for now.
Luke - Out.

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29th December 2003

7:16pm: Life is boring.
I can sleep with my normal backward sleeping patterns again, and get drunk when it's not a weekend.
Isn't it Grand?
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23rd December 2003

1:35am: @.@;
All The Shining people in that corner! All the Happy people in that corner! I represent Angry Gun-Toting Meat-Eating people! - Denis Leary - No cure For Cancer.
This is exactly how I felt today.
I've been trying to get telstra to come and replace my modem with their 'World Best Technical Support' since the old one exploded about three weeks ago.
They've said they'll be here between 8 and 12 AM about 5 times, and 5 times they haven't managed to show up between those times, and haven't even had the common courtesy to ring me and say 'Oh yes, we're terribly sorry insert-blatent-lie-about-why-they-couldn't-come-here'one of them finally came today, which is a bit late, since the assessments I had that I would've liked to have the internet for all got put on during the period I didn't have it, which is one of the worlds biggest pains in the arse.
Anyway, thats my bitching over for now.
After my last post we went to the pub several times, and left far too drunk several times. Always fun. One day after an in-class assessment we went to a friends place of work at the golf club, and, after hi-jacking a golf cart drove around the green stealing peoples golf balls.
I've been seeing Kim fairly regularly, and I'm quite happy about that, we're still getting along quite well.
Other than that I haven't been up to much, other than last friday we went drinking and I managed to drink a lot more than I'm sure is humanely safe.
Luke - Out.
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1st December 2003

9:26pm: A running nose, mould named Albert, and a few drinks short of table dancing.
This week went well...
I met Kim on Wednesday, we wandered around a bit, went to the pub with friends later that night and listened to the live band, and had drinks.. I had a Cockatil named a brain hemmorage(sp?) (this cocktail consist of Midori, vodka, baileys and 4 drops of red contreau.. v. tasty) And James Squire's Amber Ale, a very nice beer I'd have to say. We met again Friday, and wandered a bit, had a good night together and then again on saturday night met and went from place to place seeing people, wasn't too bad except that the trains were replaced by buses, and I never thought I'd say it but, buses have worse timing than trains.. the last bus was 12:40, we arrived early, and waited til' 1:20 and then asked the station attendants and they said 'oh yeah.. that.. that left really early',so we stayed the night at a friends and parted ways sunday morning. Stumbling home on sunday morning, feeling like shit and basically thinking 'going home, going to bed' I stumbled across a friend and upon being asked where she was going she said a public auction.. I've never been to an auction before, so I tagged along and bought a box full of alcohol serving glasses for $15 with 4 red wine classes made of crystal worth $20 a piece, so I feel I made good on those. Today we had a function for my course, which ran smoothly under the eye of our Maitre D', and afterwards went to the pub to celebrate our victory over the masses of customers, and play pool. We got tips for the function, but we weren't allowed to keep them which sucked... Anyway, after we went to the pub, we tailed a few of our friends and found out where they lived and burst in on them in embaressing situations (well not really, it just sounds better that way), and afterward I went home. Basically I've had a good week and I'm very happy, very little else to be said :).
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27th November 2003

8:47pm: End of the world!

This shit is funny. Unfotunately, this shit is also big. Be patient for the sake of humour.

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26th November 2003

7:08pm: w00t! none shall pass!
El Presidento Hacky

is a Giant Squid that CANNOT BE STOPPED, can turn Invisible and Phase in and out of Existence, swallows Aeroplanes Whole, and carries a Ray Gun.

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You cannot beat me! ahahaha! hahahaha! hahahahahahahahahaha!
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24th November 2003

4:57pm: A Brief overview of sweet fuck all.
Well, this weekend wasn't too bad, However, Kim was sick, so we didn't see eachother, which is a down point. I hope she's getting better and is OK.
I did very little all weekend, except visited Chris' once and Hugo's on Friday, then on sunday I went to See Myra's new house, and it turns out Penny, another of my friends lives next door and on the other side, Ainsley, another friend.
Going to a Birthday/houswarming party over there on the 13th of Dec.
Should be cool.
I've been a little sick, and its been fluxuating. It was horrible saturday afternoon, but saturday night I felt better and got the offer of a Neutrimetics party. so I went to that and was dubbed a 'Metrosexual' WTF is that?
Eh. Life is interesting.
Luke - Out
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18th November 2003

5:39pm: Am I really Male?
My journal says I'm 56% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

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17th November 2003

10:42pm: Blotting out the static
I made my way home this morning on the midnight train from Michael's house,we had drank a little alcohol, indulged ourselves on a little of a more illegal basis, and watched some of the more particular culniary delights to be had from Apocalypse Now - Redux.
This morning, around about 7:26 ( Hey, Isn't that the minute I woke up in? ) I remembered I was starting a new course today, being RSA/RCG and a certificate 2 in hospitality, which means added experience. Luckily this course is at a TAFE close to me.
Arrival at 9 AM, and attempt to find where my course is, which, after finding out, also finding out it begins at 9:30, and that half of my class ( at least ) was waiting in the line in the reception area with me trying to find out where our class would be ( I can live with being in a classful of retards, though they aren't all, it would still boost my marks a lot, because, lets face it, I'm far too inattentive. ) 9:30, through til' 11 or so we sit and work things out, all is boring, my brain is still asleep, this is working in my favour. 11:15, through til' 12 something we start learning how to fold napkins into around 5 different shapes. It's definetly a lot more fun than it sounds, trust me.
After our lunch break, we come back in, and i learn the joys of holding 4 plates at once. I'm fairly good at it. ( Perhaps we wont do so badly after all, shall we? ) This all remains to be seen, but our teacher is cool, if a little insane, Thursday is all about alcohol, and the course is a lot more enjoyable than I'd have imagined. I see Kim on Friday.. I'll probably post again on thursday. That is all. ( Finally. )
Luke - Out.
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2:25am: I am a defrosted meat popsicle.

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16th November 2003

4:24pm: APRIL:
Active and dynamic. Decisive and haste but tends to regret. Attractive(?) and affectionate to oneself. Strong mentality. Loves attention. Diplomatic (better word than sneaky.). Consoling, friendly and solves people's problems (not sure...). Brave and fearless(w00t). Adventurous. Loving and caring. Suave and generous (Hair commercial flick). Emotional. Aggressive (Depending on what I'm being aggresive about..). Hasty. Good memory (working on it). Moving (Next year) Motivates oneself and others. Sickness usually of the head and chest. Sexy in a way that only their lover can see(?).

I've had a good couple of days...
Yesterday started off with me getting up at 11, shortly followed, at near 12:30 by me going to a friends house to start filming someone's biography thing.
When we do these things, it isn't all standing in front of the camera.. I held a reflective thing up for 15 minutes and nearly went snowblind. Had to do nearly 7 takes, and went through 4 cigarettes in 15 minutes, which I am not used to, and isn't good when I'm trying to quit. Oh well, it was for the sake of art.
After that I wandered up the street, and tried to meet Chris while with Sarah and Michael. Failed miserably, after looking for him for about an hour and a half :(. I hope he's not angry with me.
I met Kim after work at 7:15 or so, and we went up to a Cafe and ate, I felt food pregnant by the end of that, but it was still good. afterward we wandered to my home, and I showed her around a bit, and we stayed for a while and chatted and looked at photos and things. At about 9something, we left and went to the cemetary, I was a little wimp, andwhined a fair bit, but it was still nice wandering with her. I think the reason I was freaking out was something to do with (Kim said) the speed of shadows moving around you in relation to their distance, which makes objects which are stationary look as if they are moving.
After that we went and bought some alcohol, not heaps, but some, then sat outside the council and talked and drank, and kissed... I felt sort of bummy for having to go to a park, but it was serene, and I was comfortable, though it was the first time I'd drank in a park since.... before my 18th birthday I think.
At about 3 in the morning we got back to my house. Enjoyed ourselves, well I did at least, I hope she did... then I escorted her to the station for the 4:25 train, while studiously avoiding cicadas.
All up I had an enjoyable nine hours with her, which is the most time I've spent with anyone I've been withand not been bored out of my mind.
I'm very very very happy.
Today I woke up at... something o' clock, looked about blearily, checked my phone, found uno text message, and rang Hugo back, and I may just go to his home tonight for a little while.
Filmed some more today, then had lunch at a Cafe with Caiti and Monte.
Walked home after that basically, and it started pissing down raining, so by the time I got here I was basically highly wet. It's raining more heavily now.
Shit happens.
I'm still very very happy.
Current Mood: happy

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13th November 2003

8:48pm: YOU ARE SEPHIROTH: Cold and callous, you enjoy the fantastic power that you wield.
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12th November 2003

5:04pm: Several findings in the scientific field? I think not....
For all of you that need to know.... or don't, here is some useless info I've found out over the last few weeks... there isn't all that much, so bear with me here
1. Vegemite on toast tastes the same coming back up as it does going down. This may be useful to anyone out there who's particularly hungry and has to go to one of those silly appointments where you've got to not eat for several hours beforehand. This way you can eat it to fill your stomach, then force yourself to throw it back up again later with little cost to your tastebuds.
2.Never EVER drink orange juice after a chocolate bar, or have chocolate milk after an orange, unless you want to feel somewhat sick, or at the very least have a disgusting taste in your mouth.
3.Whenever you go to another person house and they tell you if you want something you'll have to get it yourself, and it involves anything coloured like urine or using taps, always ask about before turning the wrong one, or drinking what you really don't want to.
4.On those odd occassions you must attend funerals and whatnot, watch where you are walking. This one is fairly self explanatory, its just the ditches in graveyards are fairly evenly spaced out, and you don't want to step into a) an open one, or, b)an open one with a new inhabitant waiting to be buried.* *This does not come from personal experience.
5. Even when tired, while you are washing something out, take note of its shaped. if it is curved, such as a bowl or Toilet bowl, or spoon, never ever turn a tap on high at the opposite end of the curve to you. Unless you enjoy being thouroughly soaked. Furthermore, if you're filling a bowl with milk, or an oddly shaped glass with orange juice, be even more careful.
And finally..
6. Never EVER go to a train toilet, not even to evade ticket collectors. I'm not sure about flatlanding trains, but mountains trains have a fairly disconcerting habit of, every time they turn a corner, spraying toilet water over the entire inside of the room. This would be ok, except for the fact that most people who use the toilet systems on public transport neglect to flush.... even then it probably wouldn't be ok, actually.
7.If you pee, and it makes things look a lot like You've just drank the contents of a glowstick, don't worry, even if you have just done the aforementioned. its because the Vitamin B content in your bloodstream..... I hope.

Thats all on my findings, really... feeling a bit sick still, but a tonne better compared to before..
Luke - Out.
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11th November 2003

11:07pm: New Rocks...
Slowly, but surely, my new rocks are falling apart... well one of them is, anyway.. the other one, for no apparent reason has managed to stay in perfect condition, whilst one lost its first piece in a moshpit and has slowly degraded from there...
I've kept the pieces...
Methinks I'm going to fixe them up with a little barbed wire...
Anyone got any other suggestions as to what I should do with them?
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11:52am: Ehhhhh
This is just me rectifying my post from last night/early this morning... I was just really fucking tired.
I'm still a bit sick, not heaps, just a little... much better than yesterday.
Oh well, at least I'm not tired and irrationally depressed.
I'm just staying bed today. not going to exert myself... (probably not anyway).
I'm reading through the fourth book of a series of five, with a dictionary close at hand, perhaps I can expand my vocabulary somewhat.
I hope you did well in your exam, Kim :)
Thats about it for now. Might post later, hopefully I wont be irrational again.
Luke - Out
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